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On august 13, a student at the university of oklahoma fell face-first off a balcony of the sae house; the next day, a woman fell from a second-story fire escape at phi kappa tau at washington state university. Attacks on the free press. On orders over $150. In the era of #metoo, their actions bespeak the fear of. And that made them powerful. It would be a neat, almost a perfect, system, if the people wandering into it were not young, healthy college students with everything to lose.

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20 men one asshole. [duke] is a university whose thoughtful students are overshadowed by its voraciously self-centered ones. Your browser does not support the video tag. Reform of the drinking laws would help the problems explored in this article a lot more than any realistic attack on the free association rights of young adults. In a sense, fierberg, smithhisler, and the powerful forces they each represent operate as a check and balance on the system. Washington state university and the university of idaho are located some eight miles apart in the vast agricultural region of the northwest known as the palouse. On july 13, a man fell more than 30 feet from a third-story window at the theta delta chi house at the university of washington and was transported to harborview medical center (which must by now be developing a subspecialty in such injuries); that same day, a dartmouth college employee, apparently having consumed lsd and marijuana, fell out of a second-story window of the sigma nu house and was seriously injured.

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Greek housing constitutes a troubling fact for college administrators (the majority of fraternity-related deaths occur in and around fraternity houses, over which the schools have limited and widely varying levels of operational oversight) and also a great boon to them (saving them untold millions of dollars in the construction and maintenance of campus-owned and -controlled dormitories). Members sit tight until consultants from the national organization show up to take control of the situation and to walk them through the next steps, which often include the completion of questionnaires explaining exactly what happened and one-on-one interviews with the fraternity representatives. This summer brought little relief.