Amateur road rally

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It challenges the competitor to complete the route. These timed events are scored by matching the contestants speed/times from checkpoint to checkpoint over a prescribed route. Are presented in a interesting and challenging manner. The most important feature of the program is that there is a place for everyone. For one thing, you will not get lost. Checkpoints and get your time recorded on a score card.


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Amateur road rally. It is not unusual for junior high school students to navigate their parents to a solid finish. There is no reason for anyone to be intimidated by equipment or experience. Printed instructions to follow a route to the finish. Arriving too early at a checkpoint hurts. You are required to check in at the. This championship is aimed at the novices, recreational rallyists and marque club members looking for low-key competition and fun with like-minded friends.

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All region events

Rural and quieiter back roads. The rally are the team that accumulates the least error from ideal time.