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Best sex positions for g-spot orgasms - camel style

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Through the use of meditation, consciousness & positions prolong your play – read these sex tips on how to release this potent orgasmic energy. This is a slow-building, easy-orgasm position that allows you to lie back and let him please you. It’s not what you say – it’s how you say it! a wonderful turn-on, or turn-off. You can also filter positions based on your sexual orientation and your sense of adventure.

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Anamated sexual position. That popularized finding innovative ways to get laid. I fucking love this website. Anal exploration plays an important role in human sexuality. The head-rush sends tingles to your upper body, turning your climax into an otherworldly experience. Lay down flat on your bed and then lift yourself up into a partial bridge position by using your shoulders to support you. Try this tantalizing twist on the typical missionary position.


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Use the filter menus at the top of the page to select from. Not just dressing-up, this is where you both take on the persona of your roles to really live it out, even if only within the confines of your own home. Get the full scoop on how to integrate into your sexual repertoire.

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