Asian carp in st clair river

How safe are port hurons waters from invasive species?

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The second question is why there is so much algae and here the answer is too much fertilize entering our open waters, or as now called to much nutrients, epa mostly blames on the runoffs from farms and cities. Additional funding means more researchers monitoring areas at high risk for invasion, including essex county. The effort began on tuesday and included netting and electrofishing. Their prevalence in recreational waters also hinders swimming and boating. In the worst-case scenario, all that’s preventing lake st. Guidelines: please keep your comments smart and civil.

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Asian carp in st clair river. Each new non-native species can interact with the ecosystem in unpredictable ways, with at least 10 percent of non-native species considered to be invasive, meaning that they negatively impact ecosystem health. 7 million eggs, according to studies reported in the risk assessment. Were analyzed by the u. The epa called the status of the invasive species in lakes “poor” in its 2009 report “state of the great lakes.


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Winds light and variable. The great lakes today are less polluted than they were decades ago,” concluded the international joint commission in its 2007 biennial report on the great lakes.

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