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They have distinct white bands on the antennae and legs. Nc state university entomology extension faculty and staff work with county field faculty, growers, consultants, and the public across the state in solving insect problems through research based and environmentally sound practices. For example, bin liners, shower gel, shampoo and and toilet paper are not replenished automatically. Late july and august are the most common times to see damage on plants.

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Asian stink hole. Other proteins with conserved regions that function in atp, nucleotide, protein and actin binding were also identified. Soon will be making an all-out assault to get into our homes. That the latter of these compounds is also found in cilantro. Their bodies are almost as wide as they are long. During the evenings, turn off porch lights and pull down window blinds to prevent light from spilling outside. Photograph (a) and scanning electron micrograph (b) of bmsb mouthparts.


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Gaps under exterior doors can be sealed with weather stripping. Typically stink bugs either use a lacerate and flush feeding mode or show a preference to feed on leaf vascular tissue which causes minimal mechanical damage. Any home or structure with a history of having stink bugs over-wintering inside needs to have preventative measures taken during the summer to prevent re-infestation in the fall.

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