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This is completely normal. Your vagina, labia, clitoris, and all other parts of your genitalia are unique. You get the picture. I wish more women could read this article.

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The vagina can expand up to 200%

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Average size of wmans vagina. I suspect she means exactly what she said. The quest for the perfect vagina has gained momentum and over the past decade the number of women opting for labiaplasties has increased exponentially. It’s due to the increased blood flow. Maybe some think so and maybe theres nerves lost, but guys with the head covered in skin are not attractive to me visually, and ones with it cut off look clean and nicer. A surgical procedure to trim the inner lips of the vulva, while some women choose to surgically modify the size of their labia for medical reasons (such as discomfort or pain during sex), many women opt for surgery for cosmetic purposes.

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To receive the latest updates on women’s health / gynecology. Described as looking like a ‘flower bud about to bloom’ by the surgeon, this vulva will typically expose the labia minora through the entire length of the labia majora, which sweep to either side. Who did they measure?? ive had long labia since childhood.

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