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My daughters babysitter, part i (f/f, ws)

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I dont have or want a steady girlfriend. You guys are so lucky to have your own pool. I hurried to the living room to get shana. I closed my eyes and let out a soft moan as the first load exploded onto my torso. I fingered myself even faster and he licked my breast even more forcefully. I just hoped that my mom couldn’t read “just got first blow job” on my forehead.

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Babysitter touched my cunt. Too soon for me, all the popcorn was gone. Just lie down and make yourself comfortable. Ok,” brandy slipped out the door. I bet you do it all the time, huh?”. She made no attempt to rearrange the bottoms, and reaching her chair, bent over to get her towel. Thanks, that was a really sweet thing to say.

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After only a few minutes, i groaned in ecstasy, knowing that i couldn’t last long. I declined to answer that, as she might have had me arrested for what was flashing through my mind right then.