Bad tasting sperm

20 foods to change the taste of semen - go from bitter to better

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Which means we still have a major predicament: what’s a girl to do when it comes to that icky nasty spunk? you could just say, “i’m like a spitter not a swallower. Yep, siegel says those all affect semen, too, and not in a good way. That “losing one ounce of sperm is more debilitating than losing forty ounces of blood. And on the third week, the couples were to follow a diet featuring food that makes your body excrete foul odors, such as cheese, meat, and stuff with lots of corn syrup and artificial flavors. This was not the normal taste i am used to.

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Arguing for ingestion

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Bad tasting sperm. Have you tried any of these foods? did you notice a difference? or. The next time we had sex, i wasn’t sure if it was the lemonade she drank or the remnants of the energizer grapefruit juice frolicking around on my tastebuds, but there was a noticeable sweetness, despite a super mild taste overall. This is how women and also men describe the taste of semen. During the third trial of this control experiment, my wife tasted decidedly different than the previous two days. It was fucking funky this time and sour for sure.


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A note of caution

Sperm tastes good if it comes from a healthy non smoker that eats well. The rest is rather delightfully referred to as “seminal plasma”, which is made up of. Also, remember that scent and taste are heavily relate: if it’s sweet on your tongue, it’ll be even sweeter for your semen.

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