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He hit her and she laughed. And then the rest of the fools who follow you will bow to my will!”. She grips the young girls side, digging her long nails into hermione’s shirt and into her skin, drawing blood. Oh! so very tight!” she laughed. Bellatrix just stares, unimpressed. She licked the bottom of my lip and i opened my mouth for her tongue to dart around. A dark storm approaches.

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Bellatrix lestrange erotic fiction. Chapter 11 of the above story and this have the exact same premise, this just might see an update in the next decade as the author implied he will. Edit: fanficbot is definitely back, huzzah, and all of my links worked. I will if i please!” she growls, very close to hermione’s face. If you follow my plan bella i’ll make sure be both live long enough to have some more sex. (title is from “strangers” by halsey. Bellatrix suddenly felt a wave of semen enter into her pussy.


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She’s still thin to an unhealthy degree, and her lines are fierce and hint of danger, but hermione can’t help but notice how lovely she is. We kidnap potter using the mudblood, wait for her to come back, she does what she does best, and then we leave him at the entrance to st mungo’s where he’ll spend the rest of his life with the longbottoms.

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