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The key benefits of using an electric shaver are ease of use, very reasonably priced, reduced risk of ingrown hairs relative to shaving, and great results. I am not a doctor but i would say it would be uncommon for pubic hair to grow on the labia minora (much smaller inner lips). It also comes equipped with a 5-position comb and a 2-position comb for the most versatility when trimming hair. But for many women with thick, coarse hair, waxing may be a better option. The handle comes with two blade cartridges, but after that, you’ll need to buy more.

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Best razor for bikini area. Which can trim each eyebrow to a perfect length, and the micro-trimmer designed to shape your eyebrows to perfection (which can also be used to remove single hairs in your bikini area as well). We would recommend the panasonic close curves electric shaver for ladies es2216pc. To really maximize soaking time. Your strawberry legs have been caused by shaving so first of all you should think about switching to another hair removal method, like waxing or epilation. Shaving and trimming can sometimes strip away skin cells or dry out your skin and this trimmer and razor combo prevents that. Your skin will start to get dry so you should also get a pair of exfoliating gloves and use them to remove the dry skin that will result after using either the pfb vanish or the tend skin solution. Ca, and other amazon affiliated sites.

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Cancel your subscription any time. You want to trim prior to actually doing the deed.

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