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He looks a little worried and when both the paddle and [. The policeman is persuaded to allow tony to deal with the matter here and now with a spanking rather than issue a ticket. Many of the guys haven’t grown out of their boyish looks, and as such, are twinks (or pretty close), while others have more athletic bodies and look a bit older, but still under 24 years of age. He thinks he is safe and changes his hiding [. This daddy knows what he’s doing, and you can tell that spanking young bums is his passion. Of course they have to come off and thats even better. Also only a few categories are being updated; the hand spanking section is getting the most new videos, while the birch and carpet beater sections have not been updating in quite some time.

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British boys fetish. Alex the ever smiling lad, who no matter what you do keeps on smiling, came round. Toby is already in trouble and kneeling on the coffee table trousers down as cal contemplates his punishment. No messing around straight into the action, cal lays a stroke [. Cal is just back from work and has to face the music. While there were lots of hand spankings, there were a good number of strapping and caning sessions, as well as spankings with hair brushes, paddles, and even carpet beaters. Most of the videos – 265 of them – are found in the hand section.

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He is, however, in quite a cheeky [. When he is told that he is not paying attention he looks so surprised.

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