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On potential origin just suggests it was started as egypt do a military outpost that was there and very undesirable place to be station due to it’s remoteness. For even further personalization, use our fun design tools to make your own personalized beer steins. Javascript must be enabled to vote. : : also, any of the many extremely remote and inhospitable military outposts where u. An account of a 1930 attempt on the peak by an international expedition. Buttfuck, xx (usually a state, could be another country) just meant a super backwoods, fucked up place. I can imagine all of those things existing, but none of them existing with such hit-you-over-the-head obvious names.

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Bum fuck egypt origin. Lighter, random house, new york, 1994. Bumfuck, of course, mostly likely being an. In the end, though, you’re nonetheless saying the same thing – you just. My wife is big on mobsters in our area (the chicago area) i should ask her if any of the books she’s ever read on there lives to mention them using this term and see what she says. Access to the complete content on oxford reference requires a subscription or purchase. These one-of-a-kind beer mugs are personalized to celebrate whatever you’re drinking too — whether it’s a favorite sport, team or holiday (yes, we have thousands of custom oktoberfest steins and st. We never used it for that.


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