Can eating fish cause vaginal odors

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I’m also glad that this post exists because i also thought it was wierd or just me. This will occur when a person uses certain hormonal contraceptives as well as during. When should you see a doctor? dr. Keep reading to find out what may be behind your symptoms, and what you can do to find relief.

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When to see a doctor

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Can eating fish cause vaginal odors. Unfortunately, when the high ph of semen collides with the acidity of the vagina, you may experience what is commonly known as. Your vagina is a mucus surface, same as the inside of your mouth, so the better hydrated you are, the better hydrated those membranes are going to be,” lindsay told buzzfeed. Who wants their v to smell like a souvlaki pita? well, if you consume a lot of garlic, i promise you, you will. Eating red meat can make you sweat more and make your sweat smellier. While cheese, as mentioned, can leave a “cheesy” smell, milk will mess with your best friends ph balance even more and get it out of the groove. Their is no change in discharge, its not thicker or abnormally colored, there is no burning or itching or any other symptoms. They usually won’t have symptoms, although some may have mild or temporary ones.


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Seven possible causes

In your vagina, causing a strong odor, according to medicaldaily. Even if you don’t suffer from ic, if you’re running to the bathroom more than you’d like, removing certain foods from your diet may help you make it through your next rom-com without a trip to the ladies.

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