Can guys have multiple orgasms

Not all people with vaginas have multiple orgasms & this sex myth is more problematic than you think

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Many young men have foreshortened refractory periods and can have multiple orgasmic experiences in one sexual interlude. Low testosterone can be boosted naturally by eating a diet high in proteins and healthy fats, sleeping eight hours a night, and by lifting weights three to six times per week. I am either malfunctioning, or just different. I believe anyone can achieve the same if they just put a positive mind to it. Instead of wondering why you or a lover has or doesn’t have orgasms one way or another, the important thing is to provide safe, gentle, loving, nurturing caresses that allow both partners to relax deeply and become aroused enough to come–however it happens.

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Can guys have multiple orgasms. There are three ultra sensitive spots that can result in intense sexual pleasure. No, but seriously, this issue enters that murky world of double standards. Scientists have long known that women sometimes experience multiple orgasms. More where that came from. The traditional view of two-stage orgasms in men was formulated by masters and johnson in 1966. Given how insecure/anxious/frail we all are, it’s a wonder that we are able to maintain the human species at this point.

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Longer sessions–with lots of touching all over everywhere–typically produce more intense climaxes. The entire process is still not completely understood by scientists, it appears to be influenced by hormones, neurotransmitters, and nerve excitability.

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