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Clitoromegaly is one of the main manifestations of the syndrome [ramalingam et al. Signs and symptoms of adrenal cancers. Congenital disabilities that affect the sex organs can cause an enlarged clitoris at birth. Anyway, one of my trans* lovers is very much a shower, and like you said, his foreskin didn’t grow when his dick did. (my bet is that the feathered iguana will be less content.

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Clitoris after terstosterone. ) however, if one seed planted is that of a parsnip and a second seed is that of a carrot, no matter what is done to make both vegetables look orange, only one will is a true carrot. While you’ve probably heard the many unfortunate nicknames for this body part (including “the bean”. Sudden aggression, acute irritability, and lack of impulse control are possible side effects that come from having too much testosterone, which are very similar to what cis teenage boys experience when their testosterone levels increase as they’re transitioning into adulthood. Body fat begins to redistribute from the hips to the waist, creating a more masculine shape. Because your megaclit could be a symptom of something very, very serious. Danazol, an androgen (ethisterone) with anti-gonadotropic and androgenic properties, is prescribed for endometriosis and benign breast disease, menorrhagia, and premenstrual syndrome. I didn’t get any actual sex-ed.


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I’ve been on t for one month and i noticed changes within days. Whereas reference data for the size of the clitoris are available in adult women, a reliable definition of clitoromegaly in children is based on a limited number of studies. This is the problem with using euphemisms about what is going on in order to protect people’s feelings.

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