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I’ll start using it right away. Confuse newbies, all without recompiling, and >99% of the time without ever having to edit a config file by hand. So far i have had no problems related to these patches, and have been using them for some time. Changes needed in pidgin + smiley manager. This extension ensures every site you visit that has “https://” as an option uses it, providing another layer of security.

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Custom buddy icons that dont suck. Ain’t no party like a netflix party! rather than chill, this extension lets you start a netflix movie or show, then start a party with any remote friends also running the extension, so you can watch together, even while in different states, while chatting with all the spectators in group chat. But it was worth it because i like hacking on systems and learning how they work. Some friends reported the same and now is fixed, was a problem with the api change and i didn’t noticed. So, if it’s not some cygwin problem, it seems i came across a bug. You can also get wikiwand for firefox and safari. Thrillho: nice work! many thanks for the icons. It will display all the images, and you can specify which ones you want before the download starts.


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This coffee machine is basically the size of your hand, which is why they call it the handpresso. Wait until this patch is merged in and released.

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