Denying his orgasm

The joys of male orgasm denial


There is a possibility that this could lead to bacteria growth, which is often the culprit of prostate disease. So, enjoy the ride, and drop me a line if you have something to say! It’s a clever use of the erotic equation: obstacles (will i be allowed to orgasm), + prohibition (i better not orgasm until this game is finished and begging is just not a feminist thing to do!), + anticipation (will i get to orgasm this time?) + desire (please let me have my orgasm now). A game of toss coin or dice to determine whether he orgasms or not, punishment games which gives him a task where he gets orgasm denial if he fails are just some game ideas which you incorporate into your sex play to make it more intense.

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Denying his orgasm. First, i recommend getting started on your own. Lovingly maintained by mr. I hope you both enjoy the experience. As a result, the orgasm comes out weaker than usual leaving the man dissatisfied and frustrated, but begging for more. Sites exist where you can sign up and specify how long you want to remain in chastity. Maybe that’s from oral, your partner’s fingers, or one of you using a vibrator on you before or during intercourse (all very good things, we can’t deny). Just one of many ~surprising~ orgasm stats we found.

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Ruined orgasm

The male orgasm is designed to reproduce. I was going nuts.

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