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Want to get their hands on some undergarments worn by eric the actor. I stepped it up and got his whole audio collection and that’s all i can really say about that. I have his entire history on my phone and have listened to it a few times as well. I found on findagrave. Etm has a tiny body, so tiny fucking lungs, hello?! this inhibits his ability to speak without adding 1-2 extraneous syllables to any given word (e. (you can hear audio of that fateful call above.

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Eric the midget from the. Nicely labeled, in order by date and well edited. Ha! i do this too – but i listen to all kids of shows, not just eric. Eric wanted to make sure that the stern show caller that talked about attending school with the wack packer learned to keep his mouth shut from now on. If he stopped talking to them, that’s a problem.

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5/08/13 - eric the midget actor fed up with twitter and sals search for siblings by howard stern playlists - listen to musicEric the midget - how is eric the midget abbreviated?Howard gives his 6 reasons why eric the actor might be the best wack packer ever | howard sternFreaks like us: in memory of eric the (midget) actor of the howard stern rat pack | schlemiel theoryEric shaun lynch (1975-2014) - find a grave memorial


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There’s an episode with beet and hank and they ask beet to spell out the name of his book (he called it sapinated?). You have chosen this person to be their own family member. Glad i listened to rips on youtube.

Eric the midget

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