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With advent of newer plastic surgical procedures for phimosis, this traditional surgery is gradually getting outdated. Caused when the foreskin of an uncircumcised penis is retracted and left behind the glans, leading to vascular engorgement and edema of the distal glans. Well, we don’t specifically make a point of going around without clothes on, but if we are at home, watching tv, for instance, whether my brother, my sisters, i, or my parents had clothes on or not is not significant. Physiologic phimosis is the rule in newborn males. Its etiology is unknown; infectious, inflammatory, and hormonal causes have been implicated.

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Erotic foreskin retraction. Liam visits his aunt’s friend jean for the weekend. It took me less than a minute to ejaculate big time! Management depends on age of child, type of nonretraction, severity of phimosis, cause, and associated morbid conditions. But 2% of normal males continue to have non-retractability throughout life even though they are otherwise normal [.

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I was much more for that than circumcision. A subversive retort to biased media, promoting free speech & the right to question. So, i guess i’m cured!

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