Facial golden triangle


I make the point of the masqua mask is as bigoted attempt to elevate a race of people on their features. They want this perfect nose, or too have those larger lips but what they do not realize until i explain this to them is that you will never have a perfect outcome but imperfectivity is what creates beauty. I have known beautiful people on the outside that after knowing them a little deeper, their beauty fades quickly;). Shown on this page. I could be wrong but they borrowed lot of ideas from the egyptians.

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The golden ratio face calculator grid:

Facial golden triangle. Please see the extended work of dr. I think that is an extremely interesting idea. I feel that beauty is in the eye of the beholder as well. Golden ratio is the base of all that is beautiful, we then add what we like within a very close envelope. The freckle woman is showing the eyelid vs visible eye. Where can i obtain a copy of the research? i am an undergrad doing research on facial expressions and beauty.

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A template for human beauty is found in phi and the pentagon

One source with over 100 articles and latest findings. In the program there is a section where it talks about geometric facial features which have made up the features of an egyptian pharaoh. For details and a free trial of the full version.