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Then we exploit the sophisticated minor-add2 arpeggio (r 2 b3 5), but the bends stop things from sounding clinical. Unison bends sound great. Why not keep the rhythm and change the notes to come up with an idea of your own? See if you can come up with a selection of variations based around this idea. You can start with 16th-notes (four notes per click) and aim to work your way up to 16th note triplets (six notes per click). Follow the associated text for each idea and all will become clear.

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Clockwork chordwork

Free rock guitar lick. Gary moore is the inspiration behind this repetitive cyclic idea, based entirely on the minor pentatonic. Aim for as much volume as possible and remember that the best way to make sustainable progress is to increase speed a little bit at a time. Before there was paul gilbert, there was steve morse. The interval of a 6th is effective within all styles of music, implying a great sense of sophistication, and rock is no exception. You’ll often find the same fingerings and melodic pathways being adopted by a large number of players, but it’s the melodic phrasing and note selection that really allows their personality to shine through. Learn a pentatonic lick that uses a prebend then shift it down by a fifth.


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Archer nation prepare sophomore release, ‘beneath the dream’

It still sounds great after all these years, although i’ve got a dim recollection that i used to play it at least a couple of times in every single solo, much to everyone else’s disgust! this lick morphs from blackmore to clapton. This bending idea demonstrates that the rhythm of a phrase is as important as the note selection.