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Little blubber in my igloo. Since we’re on the topic of slipknot, they recently updated their site, they got some nice flash goin on. But if u like death metal, that song does rule. ), and watch his performance below.

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Fuck the world today lyrics. Bad memories of a couple of girls singing it on the back of the school bus all the time in middle school. A serious lyric about necrophilia is going to beat out a jokey lyric about bestiality. You should check it out, It can be wielded like a sword to topple kingdoms. There are some “a-words” and “f-words” included, as well as a “c-word” or two (not that c-word, the. It is an opportunity for us to grow and learn as well. I could go on all day.


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The more descriptive the better. One fucked up song by one fucked up person. It’s too bad her package is bigger than mine.

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