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Hindus believe that the gods will smile on them if they clean their homes before sunrise. When moving around inside a temple or outside always move in a clockwise circular direction, with your right side facing the venerated object. In crowded situations, or when you are first learning this practice, it is easy to make mistakes. Dirty feet in a mosques are regarded as an insult to islam. Bitter truth is far away from this.

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Hindu foot lick. When accepting or giving something, you should use your right hand. One should at least take a taste. Make sure to provide all the requested info, including a photo of your government-issued id. People often ask personal questions almost immediately after meeting. In some places rock sugar or roasted licorice-flavored fennel seeds (known as. And all off-kilter madmen putting their lives in harm’s way for your entertainment.


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As defined in vedic scriptures. The muslim faithful are expected to remove their shoes and wash their feet in a sacred basin before they enter the mosque. The ceremony conducted can either be a kalash puja or yagna dedicated to sri lakshmi narayana who are the ultimate principles of male and female, just like shiva-shakti.