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To cross-pollinate, one or 2 stamens from a bisexual flower are placed on the pistil of a female flower about to open and a bag is tied over the flower for a few days. But one male is kept for every 10 females. However, to expedite harvesting of high fruits, most hawaiian growers furnish their pickers with a bamboo pole with a rubber suction cup (from the well-known “plumber’s helper”) at the tip. Some growers advocate planting in september and october so that the crop will be ready for harvest before the onset of the main hurricane season.

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Papaya red lady dwarf tree

Indian sucks midget. Seeds were sent from india to naples in 1626. In the usual papaya plantation, each plant may ripen 2 to 4 fruits per week over the fruiting season. ] even for use in salads, it must first be peeled, seeded, and boiled until tender, then chilled. Bags are tied over bisexual blossoms for several days to assure that they are self-pollinated.


Thereafter, natural enemies seriously reduced the plantings. After flowering, one female or hermaphrodite plant is retained, the other two removed.