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For as long as we can ride it. Spurred him up, drug him ’round by his dick ’till it pulled off. You know what that’s like? Girl, you almost threw yourself overboard, and then you just go back to sipping chamomile tea? He used to try. Sexy jewish girl sucks my dick and fishes me off. Jack, i gotta work.

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Jack me off bitch. There were these two old guys ranched up together, down home. Well, it ain’t goin’ nowhere. All swelled up with patriotic feeling and ready to be humped like a frog. Probably quit givin’ it to his wife after his kids was born. My momma, she believes in the pentecost.

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Had some half-baked notion the two of you was gonna move up here. Too early in summer to be sick of beans. As for our marriage, we can do it over the phone.

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