Lick creek african-american settlement

Lick creek trail in hoosier national forest in indiana


These settlers were free citizens who fled racial persecution and increasingly restrictive laws for free blacks in their previous home in north carolina. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Descendants of an european slave master, and one of his female slaves. The cemetery was used initially for the burial of members of the lost creek baptist church, but later on was used for the burial of any county resident.

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Lick creek african-american settlement. Almost a third of them lived in southeast township in the lick creek african american settlement, at that time a racially integrated community. They were sold as servants for seven year terms, and their children were bound until the age of thirty-one. There are at least 14 marked headstones. You are strongly encouraged to check the primary source for accuracy and validity as mistakes are made by all of us (especially the early record keepers). In 1843, thomas and matilda roberts sold one acre of their 120 acres to five trustees for its establishment. The last person to be buried there was simon locust in 1891. In 1692 maryland enacted a law which punished white women who had children by slaves by selling them as servants for seven years and binding their children to serve until the age of twenty-one if they were married to the slave, and till thirty-one if they were not married.


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Following the dedication of the new district no. In orange county, where arriving black settlers, were welcomed and assisted.

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