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An intensely pleasurable blow job tip that you can use on him is to use the tip of your tongue to apply a gentle flicking motion to it. Which was a hit, if i do say so myself. Some folks like it whisper gentle. Even though they’re considered secondary sex characteristics, many folks have a. Use extra care on these days because the tissue is often tender and ouchy.

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Flick the frenulum

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Lick suck tease blow. ) i did this for you and for science and just a teensy bit for my electric bill. Try getting the nipple wet with your saliva by licking and sucking them, then blow gently. Side note: there is a small percentage of men that enjoy it when you use your teeth and apply a tiny bit of pressure on his penis, using an almost featherlight touch on him. Flicking his frenulum can be the perfect way to start off your blow jobs before taking his entire dick in your mouth. If your partner wants direct nipple stimulation, this tease can be delightfully frustrating. Sexual activity forced upon a female is a crime against allah. So do most men.


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Why would i master all this and not finish him off in the most erotic way possible! i mean if you finish him off just right, you can give him an amaze balls orgasm! The best, though, is when i look up at him into his eyes, hear his moans, and see that he is in such a state of ecstasy! how i love worshiping that dick and pleasing a man!