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But that will ruin my gown won’t it? Was i having thoughts like i had last night at her age? i tried to remember but came up with nothing. I had a sudden sensation of wetness on my fingers. A story of love of diffrent kind with my widowed aunt.

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Moms shit fetish story. Joan: you bet mom! just like you said before that we probably will not be able to keep our hands off one another. Bessy was passed around like a rag doll for these men to use. Some report an associated feeling of humiliation and /or rejection as part of the allure. Joan then came downstairs ready for the semi-formal, dressed in a gorgeous frilly black satin gown, with sheer black silk stockings, and her pair of shiny and glossy black patent leather high heeled shoes. Bessy picked up a stinky turd and put it in her mouth. Bessy at every piece of shit she could find and smiled at the cheering men. The other female staff make sure to remind me of how lucky i am, though the resentment in their voice is hardly veiled.

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Then helen ran her fingers down her daughter’s legs and felt the fabric of the sheer silk black stockings, and made her way down to her feet, and ran her fingers over the shiny smooth leather of her patent leather high heels. A neighbor was on the board of ed at the tech school. I worked my fingers up the side of my foot and pressed my thumb into the ball of it and rubbed harder.

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