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I slowly started kissing her lips, and her breath was warm and she was visibly shivering. We were sitting next to each other on the sofa, having drinks and watching television. Glad i didn’t go to my lecture now!” we then went to dinner with the others. I curbed my impatience as i wanted this to play out many times before i collapsed exhausted from our fucking. Damn how am i going to get through the rest of the afternoon knowing she has cooked up an another wild fantasy for my pleasure. Last night was as bad as it gets.

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Passionate sex story. This session lasted longer and i came after 30 minutes with her, both of us tired as hell. If you see anything that is related to it, please contact us with the link. He let me put my throbbing pole up his cool, tight crack. Hey, mate!” i said, hoping he’d want to shag again, but reckoning he wouldn’t, “how you doing?” he just nodded and looked at me.


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A lover hungers for the wife of another. 2nd time: after i got back from lectures the next day, i bumped into him in the corridor. Remote play and in person play leads to an explosive ending.

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