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Women have shaved their faces for years, we just didn’t know or talk about it until recently. These creams are applied to the area with unwanted hair, then wiped away along with the hairs themselves. Most do it once a month. I am definitely not a fan of women shaving their face. Whether you’re skeptical of its benefits or simply terrified of cutting your face, it’s really worth taking a moment to let us try to convince you otherwise.

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Should woman shave facial peach fuzz. For a smoother canvas for her makeup. Is laser a good option? It takes less than five minutes to do my whole face. I always feel scared to shave my face coz everybody says the area becomes green and you get thicker hair. After dermaplaning, skin care products and treatments perform much more efficiently since they can penetrate the skin more easily.

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Writer kirbie johnson said in response: “if you have facial hair and it doesn’t bother you, get on with your bad self. Another major beauty influencer, carli bybel, also showed her millions of followers how she. To shave your face, or not shave your face? *we’re asking for a friend.

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