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A lot of kids believe that their parents are not allowed to spank them and will threaten to call the police if they do. This brat is in for a further shock as her tight cheer panties are pulled down and her bare bottom is spanked hard. Ava is shocked and upset that a cute little thing like her can’t get what she wants. Her hapless mother brings her to oakfield road academy, where disciplinarian mrs smith conducts her notorious method for reforming intractable girls. She weaned all her boys at one year old.

Bare bottom over my knee spankings for you! no self directed spankings from me! you need a real hand!, spanking chat cityIf you spank: what is an acceptable age to begin using spanking as discipline? - babycenter

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Spanking hand bottom. If the situation warrants. Com, 81 percent said they had spanked their child at least once, and 22 percent do so once a week or more. Chrissy’s smirks do not go unnoticed, and mom tells her to take the place of her sister as she gets spanked once again. He said that all his brothers and sisters got the same treatment. He said that his bottom was spanked 10 to 15 times, and then he was allowed to lay there and cry until he were ready to get up.


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Start with ten, in the centre of her butt, which should quiver delicately with aftershocks. But for how long? this video features two hot models, chrissy marie and lola anderson in their matching, authentic cheergirl uniforms that makes watching this spanking film a real visual treat! She is placed over miss gregory’s lap and spanked, scolded and reminded that her parents will be informed and her scholarship revoked if this crappy attitude persists.