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Beyond the ymhc ia, this review may be helpful to other jurisdictions that have ymhcs or similar programs. If the initial screener identifies a problem, youth should be given a more comprehensive assessment of mental health functioning, to better understand their unique needs and strengths. Specific training needs for ymhc team members could also include how to engage and understand youth with mental illness, diagnosis and treatment, and available community-based services and supports. Courts should screen for these factors during intake and consider them when developing treatment plans. Allegheny county district attorney stephen a.

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Sustain existing teen court programs. The teen court jury hears cases of teenage offenders who have committed traffic offenses or other class c misdemeanors. The teen court jury sentences teenage defendants to community service hours and terms as a teen court juror as restitution for the misdemeanor offense. This approach involves people with various perspectives, goals, and practices working to divert youth with mental health issues away from the traditional court system. National casa association | 800. In this episode of new thinking, david s. Another successful aspect of ymhcs is the less formal and more collaborative relationship between the court or judge and the young person. The mission of teen court of texarkana is to benefit our youth and community by providing positive alternatives for juvenile offenders in bowie and miller counties.

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Two firearms were recovered from the vehicle, police said, but rose was unarmed when he was shot. Positive outcome data can also be shared with other jurisdictions to show them the potential of the ymhc model.