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Star talks us through his arc in the show’s just-finished season 2. Where the directors strike gold is in newcomer jenn proske who nails kristen stewart’s breathy um-eh-oh-umh-ugh mopey mannerisms to a t. Seltzer and friedberg seem to be trying harder with the jokes, if the trailers for those movies i missed are anything to go by, but their attempts are just plain weird. A witless, slavish pastiche of the series of romantic dramas based on stephenie meyer’s twilight novels. I, myself, am certainly not a fan, but i understand both sides of the scale and review your films unbiasedly.

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Vampires suck release date. Hell, if the real films were intended as satire, they’d be lauded as the best comedy films ever, with great deadpan performances from robert pattinson and all concerned. When connecting your facebook account to entertainment. More people opted for this over. Aaron seltzer and jason friedberg continue their tradition of spoofs by poking fun at vampires. Tried to watch it with my partner and had to turn if off – too silly for too long – but watched it again with my 2 13yrold nephews and they laughed so loud i joined in. Doesn’t just have bad jokes, you see. The first couple of.

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Thought you might get some laughs from a mockery of it. Our online community looks at the hits and misses of this past year to pick their favorite movie of 2010. So it’s too bad they don’t get a worthy spoof.

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